Return to Zen?


Hi there!

Well, reality keeps on getting in the way of my writing and GCG keeps on getting pushed back.


However, I do plan on releasing GCG as soon as. News on a release date will be coming this month. Honest.

Now follows something I posted on Facebook an hour or so ago…

Dear Yuko fans. 

In the past week, I have had some wonderful reviews for the story of that kooky Zen girl.
This has inspired me somewhat.
Would anyone be interested in a spin-off novel, featuring Mei, the girl Yuko meets at Mephisto Disco.

What do you think?
The idea I have is very Donnie Darko-esque.  It could be fun.
Or do you feel I should leave the Zen universe be?
Your thoughts are most welcome!

So, dear readers and friends, what do you think?

The idea I had kept me awake until the small hours. Scenes from this unwritten opus kept popping into my head until I had no choice but to get up and write them down. Only after writing down five scribbled pages of notes did I manage to get some sleep.

Looking back at my notes now, I reckon this book could be something quite cool.

Oh, and the title would be MEPHISTO DISCO.

So, should I go ahead with this?

Should I return to Zen?


Your thoughts and ideas are most welcome!